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If you would like to know a little more about the fish on our menu including what they taste like, browse our handy fish facts below.


Our MSC cod is caught in cold deep unpolluted artic waters around Iceland/Norway and in the Barent Sea, North of Russia. It is caught on large trawlers, then processed and frozen within six hours to retain its freshness. Cod has a white, flaky texture with a delicate taste.


Our MSC line caught haddock is caught in the same way as cod and processed the same way. Haddock has a finer texture and a more pronounced flavour. 


Our plaice is fresh or frozen and is caught in local waters around the south west. Plaice is a flat fish, fine textured and easily digested. 

Lemon Sole

Lemon sole is caught in local waters and can be fresh or frozen. It is a flat fish, has a fine texture and is easily digested with a stronger more distinctive flavour than plaice. 


A mild flavour slightly chewy, white meaty flesh. Can be served as goujons or the tails grilled. 


Hake is caught in local waters, fresh or frozen. Related to the same fish family as cod and haddock. Very strong distinctive creamy flavour with fine texture. 

Smoked Haddock

Same as haddock – with a smoky flavour and natural dye to produce the colouring. 

Huss / Rock

A dogfish, caught fresh and frozen in Canada. Very soft, off white, meaty texture with a distinctive flavour. 

John Dory

Served as goujons, a sweet and firm texture with a rich taste. A good alternative if wanting to try something new. 


An abundant species a good option for as a replacement for overfished species. Oilier fish, a sweeter fish with plenty of flavour.


Farmed in Turkey for optimum flavour. A savoury flavour with a slight oiliness. 


High levels of omega 3, darker rich and meaty flavours. 

Scottish Salmon

Perfect for grilling, succulent and sweet, a lean choice that holds its structure well. 


Served as wings, with a woody, herby flavour and a fibrous texture. Only available when in season and sustainably caught. 


A fine, sweet flavour, with a meaty yet flaky texture. 


The muscle (white) has a sweet seafood taste and a tender succulent texture. The roe (orange) has a richer more intense flavour. 


ur MSC whitebait are members of the herring and sardine family. A fishy and rich flavour. 

Red Mullet

A delicate flavour with a fine texture.

NB: Local waters: caught around the South West Peninsula. Local Devon Ports are Brixham, Plymouth. Cornish ports are Looe and Newlyn