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Hanbury's Famous Fish & Chips

Hanbury’s Famous Fish and Chips of Babbacombe have been serving fantastic fish and chips for over four decades. Hanbury’s Takeaway now has a licence to sell alcohol.  As well as offering Hanbury’s Amber Ale & Hanbury’s Craft Lager (made to our own recipe) we have a selection of Beers, Lagers and Wines to enjoy with our Takeaway fabulous fish and chips. Well-loved locally, people will travel several miles for a plate of Hanbury’s fish and chips. Holidaymakers also come back year on year to relish the Hanbury’s experience.

We are now offering gluten free fish and chips again, every Friday and Saturday night. (Click & Collect orders only).

The GF symbol denotes a gluten free dish as accredited by Coeliac UK. Processes and training are in place to ensure that meals on this menu are gluten free. ‘Gluten free’ describes foods that contain gluten at a level of no more than 20 parts per million (ppm).




11:45am - 1:45pm &
5:30pm - 8:30pm

Order online or via the app

Order online or via the app

You can Still Order & Collect From The Takeaway

Whilst we are pushing the ability to order online via the web or order via the app for ease and advance booking, you are still welcome to order and collect from the takeaway as you usually would have done. Just please adhere to the social distancing and covid-19 related guidelines put in place.
Hanbury's Newly Renovated Takeaway

The Restaurant

Eating in the cosy, welcoming restaurant is a great choice for an evening out or a special celebration. The restaurant is decorated with delightful pictures by local artist Liz Jones and dotted with various items of interest. The vibrant blues, chalky whites and smooth greys have been expertly chosen to create a light and breezy seaside feel which will enhance your dining experience.

Hanbury's Craft Lager

Since starting the brewery, our aim has been to make a beer & lager that could stand shoulder to shoulder with our famous fish and chips. After many hours of brewing, we believe we have created a beer & lager worthy of the Hanbury name.

With the help of our brewing partner in Cornwall, we are proud to bring you our very first bottled beer & lager that we hope you’ll enjoy… with our fish and chips of course!

Hanbury's Amber Ale Bottles

Hanbury's Amber Ale

In true Hanbury fashion, this beer is brewed using quality ingredients including natural spring water, premium malts and american hops; Amarillo and Mosaic.

Best served slightly chilled (with our fish and chips)!


Sustainability is a key issue that Hanbury’s work hard to promote and are fully committed to ensuring that the fish we source comes from sustainably managed stocks and is caught or farmed in a way that causes minimal damage to the marine environment and other wildlife.

We work alongside the Marine Conservation Society and the Marine Stwerdship Council to keep our knowledge up to date and to provide our customers with enough information to make informed decisions about the fish they eat.